About Us

Our Mission

Every beginning comes with new challenges, Jollyhits Inc. is ready to accomplish the unexpected and achieve the unachievable by creating a library of music and movies that leaves a global cultural impact onto the community and families within.

Mission Objectives:

  1. Continuation of motion picture movie production in India along with the branching out worldwide across the globe
  2. To create an understanding of expression of emotions within music screening and movie development
  3. Giving the seated audience the opportunity to discover and engage with the multiple cultural influences around the world
  4. To promote the fusion and creation of multicultural group and organisations
  5. Amplify and develop the different variations of art around the world
  6. To leave an emotional connection between the audience and the producers through moments


We would like to take this opportunity to introduce Jollyhits Inc. which is one of the leading Production and Distribution companies for Indian Motion Picture Movies and Live Events. The company was founded by Mr. Ajay Reddy Gollapalli in 2009 with a vision and a plan of bringing diversified cultures to America in form of Entertainment.

Recently releasing its newly announced production RAJARATHA, the first movie produced and published by Jollyhits Inc., went international reaching an overall movie rating of 4/5 reaching towards the top of the charts.

Since the beginning of its duration the company has drastically achieved growth not only in movie production and distribution but has recently started its newly acquired journey in live concert development. Jollyhits will be hosting and featuring DSP (Devi Sri Prasad) and his team this August 2018-September 2018 in a 7 location United States National Concert Tour. Jollyhits Inc. continues to build its team and branch out their networks in order to create never before see expression through music, dance, and movie production.

Continuing to expand globally with existing offices in 7 different countries including India, United States, Canada, UK, Europe, Singapore and Australia, Jollyhits Inc. is placing the necessary stepping stones and continues to expand their horizons to further develop the company’s continuing success by bringing best entertainment from India to local cities all around the globe.