DSP Live

DSP LIVE USA-2018 Concert Tour

All Indian movies are created by merging Music and Story. A movie without music is like words without meaning, they just continue on with no development. The idea of the development of music and the impact it can have on an audience is exactly what motivated Jollyhits newly acquired project. DSP (Devi Sri Prasad) has been known to leave his mark on his audience through not only the music, but through his excitement and way of dance. He has a skill of keeping the viewers engaged and ready to experience what is coming up next. DSP is also referred to as THE ROCKSTAR of India with billion fans branching out across the world. Jollyhits Inc. is hosting DSP and his team in about 7 different locations all over the United States, including 

State Date Venue
Seattle, Washington August 11, 2018 Angel of the Winds Arena
Chicago, Illinois August 18, 2018 Sears Center
Atlanta, Georgia August 24, 2018 Infinity Arena
Detroit, Michigan August 25, 2018 Chene Park Amphitheatre
Dallas, Texas September 1, 2018 Toyota Music Center
New Jersey September 8, 2018 Mercer County Grounds
San Jose, California September 15, 2018 Oracle Center

The DSP concert is expecting to seat an audience of 150,000 and reach over 3 million broadcasting viewers. The concert vision is to create a comfortability of experiencing new cultures. We want our audience to find that experiencing and learning about new cultures is exciting and also entertaining. Jollyhits Inc. believes our vision can leave an impact onto a greater cause. We wish to leave the biggest impact on not only the community within the concert, but the outside bystanders as well.