tadaka reviews

Actor : Naga Chaitanya and Sunil

Actress : Thamanna and Andrea Jeremiah

Producer : Bellamkonda Ganesh

Director : Kishore Kumar

Music : Thaman S


'Sivarama Krishna' (Sunil) and 'Karthik' (Naga Chaitanya) are brothers. The elder one, Sivarama Krishna is a shy and sensitive guy while the younger sibling Karthik is a street smart guy. Their father (Naga Babu) is a police officer and he expires while on the job. The Police Department offers this job to Sivarama Krishna as he is the eldest in the family. He doesn't want to take up the offer but Karthik forces him to accept it.

As soon as a nervous Sivarama Krishna joins the force, he is forced to take on the evil 'Bagga' (Ashutosh Rana), a notorious criminal and smuggler who terrorize the city. With the help of Karthik, Sivarama Krishna destroys Bagga's activities in the city. Bagga vows to take revenge on the brothers. Meanwhile, Siva gets married to 'Nandu' (Andrea Jeremiah) and her sister 'Pallavi' (Tamannaah) falls in love with Karthik. How Bagga takes his revenge, and how a timid Sivarma Krishna is forced to become a tough cop, what happens to Karthik and how do both brothers defeat Bagga, forms the rest of the story.