Sukumarudu Review

Actor : Aadi

Actress : Nisha Agarwal

Producer : K.Venugopal

Director : G.Ashok

Music : Anoop Rubens


Director Ashok has come up with a routine story, it could have been quite different had the director incorporated gripping screenplay, instead it was terrible. Logic has gone for toss big time and the flow is inconsistent with few scenes appearing from nowhere. With too many supporting actors neither of them had interesting roles and poor writing clearly plays the spoilsport. Even the romantic scenes between the leads never worked and misplaced songs irritate even more. The interval twist is a bit interesting and makes the audiences look for some entertainment in store but the same predictable and too many melodrama scenes make the proceedings worse. The run length is almost 3 hours with none of the interesting scenes in the scenes, the viewers go restless. Besides very few scenes, Sukumarudu looked dull.