Vishwaroopam Review

Actor : Kamal Hasan,Rahul bose

Actress : Pooja Kumar & Andrea Jeremaiah

Producer : Kamal Hasan

Director : Kamal Hasan

Music : Shankar Ehsaan Loy


This film is an action drama based on terrorism. Kamal Haasan didn't take sides in this film and hence there is so much reality in the portrayal of the story.

Kamal Haasan made sure to stick with the reality and that turns out to be a boon for Viswaroopam. It is very different to what we see in the films linked with terrorism. World directors often make films with this concept and there were many great films in this genre. Viswaroopam's story might be weak but it is on par with those international films in the making standards.

We are not exaggerating about the making standards of the movie. Viswaroopam will rank among the top Indian films in terms of production values and technical wizardry. Sometimes you get a feeling like you are watching the dubbed version of a Hollywood film. Kudos to the director and producers and also the cinematographer.Viswaroopam doesn't have any commercial elements and lacks mass entertainment. However, it has its own merits and has to be watched for its technical brilliance.