Eega Review


Actor : Nani & Sudeep

Actress : Samantha

Producer : Sai Korrapati

Director : S S Rajamouli

Music : M M Keeravani


A person reborn as housefly taking revenge on his killer is quirky and frivolous idea. Not that we have not seen or heard stories of a monkey or a wolf giving making the villian's life miserable, or a snake taking revenge. Vittalacharya movies were full of such stories and scenes. But definitely, Rajamouli's film is different - irreverent yet entertaining, illogical on the surface but believable to the core. He treads a path that no other director has gone so far.

Detailing and effort is one prime aspect of the movie that is highly appreciable. Along with Sudeep's brilliant performance, the technical teams' work is fantastic. For a movie made with Rs 30 Crores, the film boasts high-ended graphics and visual effects - all are indigenously developed by Makuta Fx - and they are so seamless that they don't distract the remaining set up of the movie. It is marvelous to see the finesse in detailing in the creation of a housefly.

Scenes like a Nani as reincarnated housefly explaining his existence are so believable and brilliant in execution. On the downside, some scenes in the second half are not that good and the pace slows down. Other than that, Eega is an enjoyable ride.